2016 4ZA Cirrus Pro T45 Tubular Wheelset - Black/Black

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USD$ 1,869.00

Rear Hub Type


For those who prefer tubular wheels, 4ZA Cirrus Pro T45 was created to be the ultimate race-day wheelset striking a perfect balance between wind defying aerodynamics, low weight and maximum efficiency. The wide and 45mm deep section rims provide extra stability and stiffness where it counts, while offering best-in-class aerodynamic performance.

Whether you are sprinting against the competition, setting new records or saving precious energy during breakaways, 4ZA Cirrus Pro T45 gives you speed and control you need to perform your best. 4ZA Cirrus Pro T45 Wheelset comes with F/R wheels, QR skewers, and brake pads.


  • Rim material: T800 Unidirectional Carbon Fiber, B.I.C. Brake track
  • Rim depth: 45 mm
  • Rim width:External 25 mm
  • Hubs: DT Swiss 240S, Straightpull, Star Ratchet System
  • Spokes: DT Swiss Aerolite Straightpull, Black
  • Spoke count: Front 20 / Rear 24
  • Nipples: DT Swiss Aluminium, Black, External
  • Spoke Pattern: Front radial / Rear 2-cross
  • Quick Releases: DT Swiss RWS Road, Steel axle
  • Brake Pads: Carbon specific
  • Recommended tire size: 23-32 mm
  • Max. tire pressure: 125psi
  • Weight: 1380 grams

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