Sapo BJRO Telescopic Micro Pump (Color Options)

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Sapo BJRO Telescopic Micro Pump is designed for easy inflation when you have to pump your tire on the road or trails. Sapo BJRO's ergonomic design gives you easy access to the valve so you can quickly inflate without air loss and get you back on the bike. It's the ideal pump to bring along for the ride. Small enough to store in your back pocket or bag.

This powerful pump inflates up to 7 bar / 100 psi. Thanks to a special screw-joint and a presta valve, SAPO BJRO can easily inflate most valves. It is also available in several different colors and equipped with clips to attach the pump to the frame. Overall length is 12.3 cm (under 5 inches). Made of Aluminum.

Made in Italy

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