Sapo One Professional HP Pump - Black

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Sapo Professional Bicycle Floor Pump is designed for professional mechanics. Featuring an exceptionally durable steel barrel welded to a solid base and an easy-to-read accurate air gauge, Sapo One Pro pump quickly inflates to right amount of pressure without complications. The brass JUMBO head easily screws onto the valve and provides a tight seal for flawless and effortless inflation. The brass head is also designed to prevent air pressure loss when removing the head from the valve. The pump is designed to last for years and delivers exceptional results.

Sapo One Professional pump has the capability of uninterruptedly inflating up to 20 wheels in a row with the same number of strokes for each wheel to easily reach 100psi. It's one of the most reliable pumps on the market.

Sapo One Professional Highlights:

  • Securely holds the JUMBO Joint brass head on the valve to deliver an excellent seal for inflation.
  • Easy to read and accurate pressure gauge (2.48" diameter)
  • Exceptionally stable and sturdy steel barrel welded to the base with large foot pads prevents moving or tipping over the pump
  • 120 cm (47") hose for easier access and flow control
  • Compatible with Presta, Regina (Italian) and Schrader valves,
  • Designed for years of reliable service
  • Fully serviceable and spare parts are readily available
  • Weighs 1.40kg (3.2 lbs)
  • Height: 23 inches

    Made in Italy

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