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Selle SMP DRAKON Black Saddle

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Selle SMP DRAKON Black Saddle
Weight: 285 grams
Dimension: 276 x 138 mm
Padding: Foamed Elastomer
Cover: Italian Leather
Shell: Carbon Fiber filled with Elastomerized Nylon 12
Rails: AISI 304 Stainless Steel Tube
Recommended: for Road and MTB

SMP Drakon saddle is the ideal saddle for a cyclist with a medium-wide pelvic structure. Covered in Italian leather, the Selle SMP Drakon saddle is similar in design as the SMP Forma but comes with a little more padding. The padding and the special shaped shell positions you so there is less pressure on your pelvic floor and promotes blood flow to the surrounding tissue in the pelvic region and buttocks. The Selle SMP's patented features, including the open central channel, the original front beak-like nose and raised rear support, give offer comfort without compromising performance.