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SMP Protective Saddle Wipes (Single or Box of 10)

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Single / Box (10)


SMP 3-in-1 Saddle Wipes

Clean - Nourish - Protect

Use Selle SMP 3-in-1 Saddle Wipes to ensure a long and happy life for the surface of your saddle—leather or microfiber. Use the wipe after rides to not only clean, but nourish and protect your saddle.

  • Regular use improves resistance to friction and protects your saddle's surface by forming an invisible breathable barrier that makes it water and stain resistent.
  • It's easy to use: simply wipe away any dirt/dust from the saddle, then rub it down using SMP Saddle Wipes; the leather/microfiber surface can then be polished with a dry cloth.
  • Not recommended for use on suede or nubuck leather surfaces.