URSUS Miura C37 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset (Dark)

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URSUS Miura C37 Carbon Clincher Road Wheelset

Road racing cycling wheel Miura C37 is the Ursus concept for clincher. A 37 mm profile UD monocoque rims with HPS shield that provides improved dissipation of heating derived from prolonged braking on the carbon. Equipped with aluminum hubs featuring low friction technology Ursus BBS

  • HUBS: Black hubs in alloy. Seal ball bearing high fluidity SKF. System BBS
  • WEIGHT: Front 670 gr, rear 860 gr (Disc: Front 796 gr, rear 910 gr)
  • RIM: Rim: 28” Clincher rim. Monocoque 100% unidirectional carbon fiber
  • Brake pads for carbon rim provided by Ursus
  • PROFILE: Height 36 mm, Wide profile 24 mm. (Disc: Height 37 mm, Wide profile 26 mm.)
  • SPOKES: Inox flat spokes. Straight pull head and bend head rear cassette body side. Front: 20. Rear: 24.
  • NIPPLES: Black external brass nipples thread lock system.
  • QUICK RELEASE: Ursus WB05 alloy quick release